Where is QuitConnect, and my personal information, housed?

Our database is located on a secure server, housed at the University of South Carolina. The University of SC is responsible for all activities related to use of data.

How will my information be protected?

QuitConnect will be hosted on a server with proper protections for storing Personal Health Information (PHI) and sensitive information. All communications to and from the web application will be protected by SSL/TLS encryption. The servers themselves are behind the University of South Carolina firewall.

Who has access to my information?

Our IT team, who have specific Health Information security training, will be able to access your data. In addition, researchers and practitioners who work in smoking cessation may request the information you enter into the system, so you can be contacted about participating in research about new smoking cessation methods, messages, and methods of contacting smokers.

Why are you collecting my personal information, information about my smoking behavior, and my quit attempts?

QuitConnect collects your personal information and tobacco use behavior for two reasons. 1) It allows us to understand who our members are, so that we can bring you the most appropriate resources. 2) It allows researchers to choose the members who are best suited to the cessation studies they are conducting.

If I am asked to participate in a study, how can I find out more about it?

Any request to participate in any study will include a detailed description of that study and a separate consent process.

What if I am contacted about a study and don't want to participate?

You are under no obligation to participate in any study.

Will my information be sold to marketers, or to private companies?

Your information will ONLY be used for research on better ways to help people quit smoking, or for cessation follow-up. We will not allow access to your information for any other purpose. All requests for your stored information for research purposes will be subject to approval by trained research staff at the University of South Carolina.